Did you know that your old collection of Star Wars action figures, ships, and toys could be worth money? At Carbon Chamber Customs, we buy and sell vintage Star Wars toys from the 1970s and beyond. Whether you have a single action figure or an entire collection, Carbon Chamber Customs is interested!

If you have Star Wars memorabilia, you undoubtedly understand the devoted following behind this beloved series of movies that has spanned not only decades, but generations.

Maybe you had planned to hand down your Star Wars toys to your children or grandchildren, but they don’t seem to have the level of interest that you did when you began collecting as a child. Or maybe you just don’t have room to display your Star Wars toys anymore and you want them to go to a good home where they will be loved the way you loved them.

Regardless of the reason, you want to sell your vintage Star Wars toys, Carbon Chamber Customs wants to buy them!


Selling your Star Wars collection to us is simple:

1.     Take Pictures of Your Vintage Star Wars Toys to Get an Accurate Quote

As you do when you sell any item, take some pictures of your Star Wars toys and send them to us. Give us as many details as you can about each toy, such as the name, size, style, condition, etc. If you can remember where you got the Star Wars toy, include that information too — the more the better.

Our team will evaluate the information and pictures you send, then we’ll quote you a price to buy your Star Wars toys. If you agree to the price, the next step includes shipping the Star Wars toys to us.

2.     Ship Your Vintage Star Wars Toys to Carbon Chamber Customs

When you agree to sell us your vintage Star Wars toys, we’ll send you a shipping label to use to mail them to us. You don’t have to pay a cent to ship your Star Wars collection — we cover the entire cost.

Even though your vintage Star Wars toys are likely made of plastic, we still ask that you wrap them carefully for shipping to protect them from damage.

3.     Plan How You Want to Spend the Money You Made!

When we agree to a deal for you to sell us your vintage Star Wars toys, we give you 50% of the purchase price upfront and the other 50% when we receive shipment from you.


Selling your Star Wars collection to us is much better and safer than selling it to a third party who is not a vintage toy dealer. That’s because as experts, we fully understand the value of vintage Star Wars toys based on their condition and availability. A rare Star Wars toy will fetch more cash than a fairly common one.

Now is the time to get your vintage Star Wars toy collection out of the attic and turn it into cash you can use for fun, new exciting purchases! Sell us your vintage Star Wars toys today.

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